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Sustainable Commitment

Zero Accidents, No Harm to People and No Damage to the Environment Our Aim.

QTG has a clear commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).  At QTG, Safety is non-negotiable.  Despite the high demands of a modern terminal  facility, QTG is committed to pursuing the highest health, safety and environmental  standards.


•  It is our policy to strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing our operations.  We promote safe work practices and avoid risks to our  employees; our customers; our neighbors and the environment.

•  It is the Group’s goal that no one suffers an injury or illness and that no harm is caused the environment.  This will promote an organization that is free of injuries, ill health and environmental loss.

•  We invest in the latest technology to ensure we meet international standards and match accepted best-practice in every aspect of our operations.

•  We operate safely in ways that protects the natural environment and our own assets by  ensuring the highest standards using international best practices as our benchmark in  every stage of our operations.


We have recorded zero casualties from the first day operations till date.