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Tema Oil Facility

Game Changing Facility

This facility has a 30,000 MT Gasoil and 25,000MT Gasoline storage capacity. This will give the facility an initial storage capacity of 55,000 MT.  Our excellent location in the Port City makes this facility ideally placed to receive most tanker sizes and also undertake regional distributions.


The facility has a truck park that can hold up to 50 trucks a time and has the capacity of loading out 15,000,000 liters of products daily, from its 16-truck loading bays. 


The facility has;

  • Six (6) Gasoil Loading Pumps and four (4) Gasoline loading pumps providing the fastest loading rate of any terminal in Ghana.
  • A Ten (10) Bay Gasoil Gantry with Twenty (20) Loading arms and a Six (6) Bay Gasoline Gantry with Ten Loading arms
  • 8 automated additive injectors (4 Gasoline Injectors and 4 Gasoil Injectors) with 16 pumps (two for each vessel).
  • A metering Station for the receipts and measurements of products from the ABB Transfer Station to the storage Tanks.
  • Automated Terminal management System, handling loading and stock monitoring operations

The total value of the Facility is about USD57 million.


A second phase of the project will add a further 45,000 MT to the capacity